Archmage Lochran Mel'Kanor

The Archmage of the Academy


Standing at an even six feet, his salt and pepper hair and beard are surprising for one whose list of titles includes “Archmage.” Known to spend most of his time in his tower, he oftens descends its steps to personally instruct one or two classes a day depending on his whim. He is also often seen pacing the walls with his Captain of the Guard, Ulthgar Ironstout each night by way of personal ritual.

He is typically dressed in rich blue or purple robes and is never seen without his gnarled wooden staff.

An older man of almost palpable gravity, Lochran Mel’Kanor has ruled the Academy for the past 80-odd years. After his secession from the Arcane Congress, he formed the Academy as an institution that would train anyone who wished to learn the ways of magic and arcana. He is often guarded with reluctant respect among his peers; however, as he is possibly the penultimate mortal spellcaster (barring the King of Karnnath), no one dares directly confront him on any subject. He is known for his gentle demeanor and careful hand in caring for the students of his castle, often spending time talking with a student simply because he found them upset in a hallway. That being said, the magics he has personally been known to work into the defenses of his castle could halt the advance of any currently known army.

Archmage Lochran Mel'Kanor

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